Community Agape House

We are looking for 2 volunteers who wants to participate in an new project “Agape 2018/2019” which start in 2018 (between July-August) until August in 2019.

volunteer profil:
Volunteers that are interested by others; the daily activity will include a lot of meeting with people in al stage of life, especially children and youths. English speaking person who want to learn to speak Swedish, able to take responsibilities and are creative. We want the person who participate also further develop the project in the Agape House with the open days. Social skills are necessary when you live close to others and also when the community is open. We want to run this project for 12 months so it´s important that the volunteer can be away from home.

project description:
The core of our project is Agape House, this is a youth community started summer 2017 in the organizations old vicarage. Here can six young adults, both swedes and international live together and the vision for the community is not only to be use for accommodation but also to been an open house a few days a week for the area’s many young people. The Agape youths living here will have an important role in the open house, where everyone will be welcome to come and spend time with each other, share food, play games and talk about everything, big and small. The young people living here will also be involved in our daily activities and help out with the various different groups and practical work in the congregation together with employees. We want to run a project for 12 months, because of the setups of our groups and considering all involved.

We want our congregation to be a meeting place with God, a loving community, a place where Christ is lifted up and where we welcome all people, regardless of sex or age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or social status. The sermon should build a bridge between the bible’s Word and our everyday lives, so that we can identify with it and be touched by God.

Come and participate you too and do not forget that the best lies ahead!

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, contact our youth leader Paulina Johansson at and explain who you are, why you want to take part in Agape House and add two reference letters.  Be sure that you send a personal email to us – not an email, you can send to anyone.

You can also apply to participant in Agape 2018/2019 through EU´s program Erasmus+ at EuropeanYouthPortal search after the project Agape 2018/2019 or organization Svenska Kyrkan Örby-Skene Församling.


Prästgårdens framsida

The front of the old vicarage

Picture from the backside.

Picture from the backside.